Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Socks Without Partners

For some time now, I have experienced a struggle in a compartment of my life....my sock drawer. I have recently been pondering this issue in hopes of understanding how I may be contributing to the problem and how I could perhaps solve it.

The issue on my mind is regarding missing socks....especially black socks. What in the past was only an occasional issue has become a growing and increasing aggravation. You see, each time I do laundry I lose at least one sock. When this first occurred, I was hopeful although not optimistic, the missing sock would return to its mate. As the winter months have passed, however, and the number of socks without partners increases, my hopefulness has faded.

I really love socks and often would invest in designer brands that have a bit of style. In light of the MIA status of my socks, I now pick up plain and inexpensive brands that lack any style. With this prevailing issue and its worsening nature, I am sometimes caused to put two mismatched socks together in a temporary partnership. Hopefully, no one notices.

So, what can I do about this aggravating issue? In my usual way of taking whatever is happening in my life and making a metaphor out of it to look at a bigger picture, I realize that when I expect something to go wrong, it does. When I purchase cheap socks because I know one will be missing next week, it happens.

By the same token, if I am in a state of positive expectancy that things will work out in my favor, they do. Call it faith, trust, intention or the powers of attraction, it works....every time.

I am reminded to be careful where I am putting my focus, for whatever is focused upon, expands. I believe, without question, I am at the root of my sock drawer filled with singles, and I know I can change the tide.

Perhaps the quickly approaching sandal season will give me the chance to clean up my focus, so I can start fresh at the beginning of the next sock season. For now, my socks without partners will have to find a new mate.

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