Monday, December 20, 2010

Attention Humanity: Sprit of the Season Will Be Continued

Imagine humanity was given notice that the spirit of Christmas will continue past January 1st. imagine what it would be like if our heightened practice of praising Jesus, showing goodwill toward men (and women), generously sharing our wealth with charities, visiting our neighbors with plates of cookies, singing songs of joy, giving gifts to show our appreciation of those we love, speaking to strangers in that merry way that people do this time of year, and basically living our days in a Ho Ho Ho sort of way, could last all year long.

Well, I imagine this quite often and I think it's possible...that is if each one of us remained conscious of living with joy and were willing to love our neighbors indefinitely. The impact would be infectious....just like it is between Thanksgiving and January 1st. If we all agree to practice being kind, respectful, generous, caring, thoughtful, patient, compassionate and forgiving, we can extend this season that feels so good for so many, all year long.

Once we all got the hang of it, I bet we would see a happier world overall. There would be fewer divorces and an increase in number of happy, secure children. Businesses would improve in sales, reinforcing the economy. Politicians would become more focused on doing what's best for the people, rather than their own careers. We'd be taking better care of the planet because more people would sincerely care about their impact. People would listen to one another rather than demanding to be heard. If we maintained the intention of goodwill, eventually wars would end.

Perhaps you think my musing is silly and that it is not compatible with human nature. Isn't it true that when we are stressed, rude, demanding or uncaring we are actually behaving in a way that is incompatible with how we were intended to be?

If my offer to continue in the spirit of the season by living with love and joy all year round appeals to you, feel free to join me. This idea might just spread.....pass it on.

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