Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Best Friend

I have been developing a relationship with a new friend for several years now and am truly enjoying our time together. I am growing and learning every moment we connect and am noticing a greater confidence in myself as a result of this friendship.

My friend does not judge me by my mistakes or my successes. Their opinion of me is not affected by how I look, my mood, how much money I made last year or by the thoughts and beliefs others may hold of me.

My friend encourages me to keep on going when I am frustrated or feeling defeated, and to rest when I am simply too tired to do one more thing.

My friend is a great companion since they are fun to be with, a great listener, and extremely amusing, which always brings out the best in me.

My friend makes me laugh and helps me to not take life so seriously.

My friend understands everything about me.....they know my life story and they don't read more into it than what is actually there. They are not interested in the drama....just the truth.

My friend encourages me to do my best, but understands when I don't. I am always encouraged to simply try again.

My friend calls me on my stuff when I'm making excuses or just plain scared, but never insults me or puts me down. I know they are simply calling me forth to live the way I say I want to.

My friend comforts me or gives me a kick in the pants, depending on what I need, and always knows what is truly needed based on the truth of the moment, not a projection of their ego.

My friend inspires me by interacting with me with love, compassion, understanding and most of all, forgiveness. I trust that they will never abandon me or treat me with dis-respect.

My friend loves me, unconditionally and I will never ever doubt it. In fact, it is the how and the why I choose this life I am living.

I know without my friend's loving kindness, life would be harder, more frightening and certainly not as much fun.

This friend will be a life-long companion since my friend is me.

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