Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ease and Grace

At the beginning of each year, I create a motto that I intend to live by in the coming year. This motto is meant to inspire me to live the life I want. It is meant to remind me of what is most important, if I happen to get distracted and forget. It is meant to keep me on a positive track, rather than get derailed and implode into a trillion tiny pieces of stress, fear and angst.

The motto for 2011 is Ease and Grace. Just typing those words make me feel good.

Here's what this motto means to me:

Ease means easy. I love easy. I do my best work and have the best impact on others when it feels easy. I am the most creative and don't judge myself when I am in state of ease. Ease means natural.

I know for many people, natural means to be stressed and that life has to be hard, but I don't buy it. I believe we were all meant to be in the flow of life (regardless of circumstances) and experiencing joy and peace is natural, and even intended, as we navigate through our experiences.

The second component of my motto is Grace. Grace makes me smile too. I named my Porsche Boxter Grace because I felt her taking the curves of the road with complete grace and without any tension or fear the first time I took her out for a ride. My car trusts what makes her great and does not hold back.

Grace also signifies flow to me and a natural way of being. It also feels holy. The word reminds me I am not here having this human experience all by myself. I am being watched over, cared for and loved by God. When I am believing that, and am actually feeling the peace of that understanding, I feel grace.

So, the combination of Ease and Grace is a sure winner to assist me as I ride into the coming year.

I will be reminded not to resist, but to accept. I will be reminded to love, rather than hate. I will remember that love will over-ride fear. I will know that forgiveness will feel better than holding grudges or resentments. Ease and grace will also allow me to be understanding and compassionate, since those elements are a match and feel the same way.

My motto is not about making resolutions, but all about making intentions on how I want to be in the coming year. I intend to be and feel Ease and Grace.

What is your intention for 2011?

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