Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet and simple inspiration

Early this morning when I was out for my daily walk I encountered a group of young entrepreneurs from about age 4 to 10. They were setting up shop in front of their home a short distance from where I live. In spite of their age and gender differences, they were working together with complete joy and cooperation. I imagine some of them were siblings, yet peace and joy was the feel I got. There was no question they were delighted to be doing what they were doing.

There wares, hand painted stones and beaded jewelry were being set out for the passer-bys to see. I was their first customer. I had no money....just dog biscuits in my pocket, but they took my order on good faith and told me I could make a custom order. As I was describing what I wanted.....three stones with their creative color background and the words, peace, love and joy over the background, the youngest girl (about 4) twirled in circles with complete JOY and asked me if I liked her dress. Of course, I loved it and showered her with my sincere compliments. She then without any embarrassment or hesitation asked if I would like a bracelet too. Of course, I could not resist. I let the design up to her.

The older boys were sure they had my order correct and showed me by spelling out loud the words, Peace, Love and Joy.

What inspired me in this little scenario was the authenticity of their (whether they knew it or not) leadership. They were naturally kind, joyful, helpful and resourceful. They compelled me to make a purchase.....not because they tried really hard, but because they showed me who they really were and that they loved what they were doing. It could not be missed. I could not resist.

My Peace, Love and Joy stones are in a spot in my backyard that will inspire me every time I walk out the door. My bracelet (with the same words...which the darling 4 year old came up with on her own) hangs over the gear shift of my car.

Sweet and simple inspiration of leadership.....yes, that is what it I learned from them.

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