Friday, October 3, 2008

Natural Beauty and Grace

Have you ever looked at a horse close up? Have you ever really taken in the immense beauty and strength and natural power this animal possesses?

Now, before I elaborate on my horse theme, I want to be clear I am not a horse owner nor do I have any personal history with horses. My admiration and inspiration simply comes to me by imagining how horses must feel.....what it must be like to be a horse.

So, picture this.....a beautiful sleek, muscled horse running in a full gallop. When I see this image in my mind I see a confident animal that is running as fast as it can for the sheer joy of it. It is graceful and powerful at the same time. It is simply being and doing what comes naturally.

What I don't see is this beautiful animal looking over its shoulder to see what is behind it. It doesn't look to the sides, but straight ahead. It may hold a vision farther ahead, but I bet whatever step it is in the process of taking is the only important step on its mind.

I doubt when a horse is in a race, it is comparing itself to the other horses. I bet it is not judging or idolizing the other horses. I also imagine it runs its best race and feels good when it's done, just because he/she did it. I'm pretty sure self put downs are not part of its process.

What I do imagine is that the more it runs, the more it learns about what is possible for it to accomplish. I imagine the enjoyment is true for it whether the horse is in a gallop, a canter, or a trot, or whether it comes in first or last.

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