Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Power of the Mind

I don't tend to get sick very often, so when I do have the inconvenience of even something as common as a cold, I notice it.

Two days ago, my attention was first taken by some sneezing, and then later a sore throat, runny nose and cough. Eventually I gave in and allowed myself to feel awful and actually admit I had a cold.

Unfortunately, I had a performance to do last evening for Fezziwigs Follies. I sure did not want to be blowing my nose and sneezing, not to mention feel weak, when I was supposed to be having a joyful time at the Fezziwigs.

Before leaving for the show, I told my mind to focus so intently and with great presence on the performance and to put my cold symptoms on the shelf. Sure enough soon after connecting backstage with the other performers and then getting into "character", all symptoms stopped. I had not one sneeze or cough. My nose stayed in tact. My speaking voice was normal.

After returning home after the performance I noticed the symptoms gradually returned. It was almost as if as I let go of being present with the show, the physical reality of my body, previously suspended, was now returning.

I know the mind is a powerful tool. It can direct how I feel simply by the thoughts I think. In this case I thought about normal health and to have a great time in the show.

I realize a cold is a pretty minor thing to temporarily overcome, yet I believe it is only the tip of the ice berg in how we can positively shift our health from illness to wellness simply by being present. Whether it is a temporary recovery or a permanent shift in my health , it is a delight to use my mind in a powerful way.

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