Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Company You Keep

There are many people that we interact with in our lives on a regular basis. Some tend to bring out the best in us....some don't. Depending on who we're with we may find ourselves complaining more than usual, or we may find we have a brighter outlook for life. The company I keep includes many people that I truly enjoy and help keep my outlook bright. They make me laugh, support me and challenge me to grow.

There is one person whose company I keep that is a stand out for me. I always enjoy her. She has a quirky sense of humor and can find something entertaining in the most mundane of activities. She is also very creative. As soon as you think there is no answer to a dilemma, she comes up with an idea or perspective that turns a problem into an opportunity.

She also seems to have held on to much of her childhood joyful spirit since she lives life with the same wild abandon that a six year old does. Her main objective in all that she chooses to do is to have fun. The older she gets the less fear she holds.

She is also very loving and compassionate. I know no matter what mistake I make, she will love me, and everyone else in her life, unconditionally. She typically does not hold judgments of others. Since she has a no limit attitude about life, she inspires me to take chances and stretch beyond what I thought was possible. When I feel sad or overwhelmed, I check in with her and soon feel peaceful again.

The company I keep, at least when I am fully present, is me. The positive traits described above are the essence of who I really am. When I am remembering this, I am feeling good and in alignment with me. When I am not hanging out with the true me, I am not having as good a time, nor do I have much in the way of positivity to share with others.

What is the impact on you of the company you keep? Do you enjoy being with all those that are influencing your life? If not, I suggest you become more selective with the company you keep..... and don't forget to make friends with yourself.


Pamela said...

Hey Kate!

My first two initials are PJ, so one of my nicknames in high school was "peej". I've recently started thinking of myself as Peej again, for the same reasons that you mentioned in your post. Peej was fun, confident, creative, joyful, etc. I don't know what event(s) made me push her into a corner, but I'm clearing away the debris to find her and dust her off!

Kate said...

Hey, Peej.....I will look forward to seeing more of creative, joyful, confident soul, you!