Thursday, November 20, 2008

Watch Yourself

One of my favorite pastimes is to watch myself. It is not that I am overly cautious, I'm just curious and fascinated to see me live from spirit and love or from my ego and fear. I'm curious about how I respond to that which shows up on my life's path.

I'm curious what hooks me away from feeling peace. I'm curious what is present in me when I don't get hooked by life's dramas and remain in peace.

I love to watch how I get unhooked once I know I'm hooked. I'm fascinated by my creativity in finding the best way to go about tackling an issue that may seem daunting at first. I also see my creativity in avoiding dealing with some issues.

I love to watch myself interact with those whom I feel safe and loved. I love to watch myself in action loving a stranger and connecting in a way typically saved for only those in long standing friendships.

I watch myself find the blessings in every situation. I watch myself look for the humor in all that occurs.

I watch myself with compassion when I'm frightened. I watch myself with delight when I am courageous and confident.

I watch myself expand and reach new heights of imagination when I am encouraged. I watch myself retreat when I forget who I really am.

I watch myself forgive naturally and freely without hesitation. Sometimes I see myself struggle to forgive.

I watch and see myself moving ahead with sureness and strength. I watch myself fall down and lose hope....then I watch with great interest as I see myself get up again and move forward.

Yes, watching myself is never boring. Sometimes I'm surprised by my thoughts, feelings and actions. Other times, I am not.

What makes this process of watching myself so entertaining is that there is no judgment in my watching. I observe and I learn from whatever is present since ultimately it is all serving my process of living my best life.

Another bonus of watching myself is that I learn more readily how I want to feel and be in the world. Each situation, encounter and opportunity takes me one step closer to living with more peace and joy.

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