Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your Life....the Movie

Have you ever wondered if your life was a movie what genre would it be? What would the story line be like? What would be the impact on someone else, watching this movie of you? Would it be a drama? Would it be a horror flick filled with fear? How about a romantic comedy or an adventure film?

Well, I have given this question some thought and I have no doubt my life movie would have it's own genre. It would be a Spiritual Comedy Adventure.

Although there would be many spiritual lessons for the movie watcher, the over-riding feel of it would be humorous. It would be light. I would hope the movie watcher would see the benefits of not taking life too seriously and that there is a blessing to everyone around you, as well as yourself, when you look for amusement in all that creates your life process. The spiritual component would be woven throughout. There would be a joyful, loving feel in most every scene. The adventure contribution would be in how I see all that happens in life, not necessarily only activities that are high risk, but holding the process of living as an adventure.

In my Spiritual Comedy Adventure the story line would not be the most important part, since every scene would have great meaning regardless of its outward appearance. That means even the scenes that were pretty routine, without any great accomplishment or life shattering event in the story would have the same feel as those that many would see as the "stand outs". Every scene matters. Not because of what I did in each scene, but how I felt and how I grew and learned as a result of living it.

I'm not sure how long my movie will be, but I do know that it will be entertaining. The viewer will sometimes be on the edge of their seat with excitement, but not fear. Sometimes they will cheer. Other scenes will touch their hearts and make them cry, but through most of it they will laugh.

Hopefully the viewer of my life movie would walk out of the theater smiling and feeling inspired to live their best life.

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