Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Soup of Life

While eating dinner this evening, the metaphor of life being like Soup drifted into my mind. You may be thinking I am taking my metaphors a bit too far, but I encourage you to stick with me and see what shows up for you in your soup of life.

Imagine the soup pot is the container for your life or your life span. Within that container goes all the ingredients (which you choose) to make your life as delicious as possible. You will probably add some sort of liquid which is a vital ingredient. This liquid or stock creates the base in which all of the other ingredients will blend. I see liquid being represented by the truth of who you are. Soup cannot be soup without liquid. You cannot be "you" without the essence that you were born with.

Next you will add some vegetables, which not only add taste to your soup of life, but also variety of color, texture and nutrients that make for a healthy life. Metaphorically vegetables could represent all of the building blocks of your life....your relationships, your values, and every life experience you have ever had. The sweetness will compensate for any bitterness.

Of course, herbs and spices may be added to keep your soup from being bland. Spices, being optional in a soup, can be represented by all of the choices you make that take you out of your comfort zone....they are the particles of your life that create a zing or make you want to linger and take in more. Of course, soup can just have the basic seasonings of salt and pepper. It isn't tasteless, but it may not be memorable.

Now let's look at the process of making soup. The ingredients are added.....sometimes all at once, yet typically they are added gradually as the soup simmers. The simmering of your soup is necessary to make it taste good. Good soup and good life just doesn't happen immediately. Patience is needed, as well as attention and an occasional stir. Having your soup at a rolling boil will overcook the vegetables, but a slow simmer will create a delicious end result to savor.

I encourage you to pay attention to your soup pot of life. Be aware as you add ingredients and how they will change the taste. Stir the pot lovingly....don't rush it will be perfect when it's done.

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