Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Team

Imagine that you have a team of supporters that are standing with you, always. Their job is to be "with you" in whatever way will best serve you as you move along the path of life.

  • Your team is like cheerleaders that remind you that you can accomplish what it is you want to achieve.
  • Your team will console you, love you, and hold you if you need it, when things seem to be too hard to bear.
  • Your team does not judge you, get impatient with you, or chastise you for any mistakes you make along the way.
  • Your team will help you find the humor in situations that seem way too serious.
  • Your team will acknowledge your little steps of improvement as though they are major stepping stones on your path, because they are.
  • Your team will listen to you rant, rave, cry or complain and will wait until you are emptied and ready to be filled with love again.
  • Your team will love you unconditionally, so you will always know that no matter what, you're safe.
  • Your team will hold you accountable to follow through on the things your heart is directing you to do.
  • Your team will calm you when you get scared, reminding you that you can never really be harmed.
  • Your team will always be there, as your closest allies, no matter what, no matter when, no matter how you may need help.

Imagining this troop of allies as my team, makes me smile. I have many real life people in my life that fit into these roles. I also have a celestial team of supporters that are always on call and give me great comfort.

So, with this large team that is standing by to support me, who is in charge? Who's the team captain? I am. I am happy to lead my team in assisting myself to have a life that is filled with joy and with a minimum of suffering.

You see, my team cannot even step in to assist unless I ask for help. For me to ask for help, I must see myself as worthy of receiving love, support, kindness and help of any kind. Being the captain, and since I am always with me, I can often derail any potential problems before they get too big. I can simply change my thoughts from fear to love. I can remind myself of the truth.

As Team Captain, I am vigilant that I stay centered....and if I forget how, I know my team will help me to remember.....I just need to ask.

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