Sunday, February 15, 2009

Innocent Gifts

My life path has joyfully led me to working with teens. This week-end brought in the JOY...big time.

Yesterday I introduced a new group of eight teens to Project: Inside Out in the kick-off event of a low ropes course day. It was a delight to see them opening up to who they really are, sharing their natural and innocent gifts and having fun in their process. The group consisted of eight students that did not previously know who their team mates would be. Perhaps they agreed because they knew that each of their team members would also be agreeing to be respectful and kind....unconditionally.

Today created an opportunity to extend the connections, learning, and gift giving of these amazing eight students, when we gathered to create an Alliance for our future work together and begin our "Inside" focus of the group coaching.

When a new group of students gather as we did today, we have a discussion about values, the Gremlin or Saboteur, and their unique gifts. That is always an eye (and heart) opener for anyone of any age.

What a joy it is for me to witness each student recognizing and naming what is true about them. The self doubts, fears and negative self talk does not represent the truth, and with any potential negativity absent, there is only more room for positive intentions and feelings.

There is much yet to be learned for these fresh, eight students over the next twelve weeks of in-school sessions of leadership training. I am honored to be a part of the process and know their innocent gifts will continue to show up as they support one another along the way.

It becomes clear, very early on, that each student has all they need to be leader in their life without even trying.

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