Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's Important, Really?

When asked what's really important, many of us will list things like family, friends, church, community and health. If we truly believe these things to be most important, then why are we not committed to putting more of our time, energy and attention to them?

For many of us, although we'd like to believe we are committed, we may be fooling ourselves. We often spend more time working than we do enjoying our families. We may not be taking very good care of our health because we don't have time to exercise, have medical check ups or make healthy eating choices. We may say we love our communities, but in fact are not contributing to making our towns, cities or country better places to live. We say our friends are important to us, but we don't have time to spend with them, or even call them.

If we are not honoring and attending to what we say is most important, then what are we doing with our time?

For many, work is the main focus. Perhaps we're believing that if we work harder, it will be the best thing for our families. We tell ourselves that someday we'll get around to getting in better shape, or getting together with friends, or taking part in a community or church event. What may be the truth is that while we are on the treadmill of work, meeting deadlines and pushing ourselves harder and harder, or stuck in front of the computer or television, that which we hold most dear, can be gradually fading away.

Our children grow up and leave home, our friends lose interest and stop calling, our bodies deteriorate in health and become ill, and we become like visitors in our communities and churches, rather than a vital part of the group.

Asking ourselves "What's really important?" and then honoring that which we name, by making those parts of our lives our main focus, is likely to create a major change, for the better. Prioritizing by importance and then scheduling our time accordingly, would be a great fist step.

It is when there is a balance in life that we feel fulfilled. When we are feeling fulfilled, it is a sure sign that what we say is most important is being honored.

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