Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Power of Imagination

I have quite an imagination. It is actually quite powerful. I can make myself feel very good....or very bad very easily, depending on what images I create in my mind.

This morning I was on a four mile walk. I often choose to walk in the local cemetery because it's quiet....obviously. There's a one mile loop around the perimeter which makes it easy to tabulate my distance and allowed me to welcome my imagined team of supporters.....all the spirits of those buried there.

Now before you call 911 and send a unit to my home to pick me up for admission somewhere, read on. This is fun and you may want to borrow from my imagination and create this kind of support for yourself.

As I moved along a straight-away at a pretty good clip, I imagined that the spirits of those buried on my path were very present to my presence and were actually wanting me to do well on this course. I imagined the same scenario as when a runner or biker is racing along with observers on the sidelines cheering for them as they push themselves to the finish line. If you have never experienced that kind of support, it is a rush to know others care about you doing your best. It's a reminder of how we are all connected. This morning, this connection extended to those no longer in bodies. Minor detail in my mind.

As the imagined cheers of "Go Kate" resounded in my mind, I felt the same joy as when I used to run races. Of course, I couldn't see or hear anyone applauding, but the effect was still present. I not only picked up my pace, but felt an increase of exhilaration. Sure, this whole scene was simply the work of my imagination, but the impact went deeper than my resulting faster pace. It also made my walk more fun.

How do you use your imagination? Does it make life easier...more fun.....or more challenging?

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