Thursday, March 19, 2009


Do you ever wonder why you're here? I mean have you ever really pondered what the reason may be that you've been put on this earth?

I imagine the answer to that question is different in some ways for each of us, meaning we each have something unique to contribute to the world where we can make a difference.

When I consider the answer in a universal way, I believe we are all here to have joyful be happy.....loving.....and generous in the giving of ourselves. Perhaps we are also here to learn some lessons that would enable us to be better at being ourselves, such as love, forgiveness and compassion.

After all, when we are being hateful, vengeful, judgmental, blaming, complaining and angry then we are not living up to who we really we were created. Although when we are aware of the power of our hearts and we use our minds in a positive way, then we are more in alignment with how we were each created.

My favorite answer to the question of WHY? is to be in joy. Simple. When we are joyful, we can not possibly be angry, hurt, upset, stressed, jealous, anxious etc. etc. at the same time. So, if that's true.....then wouldn't it be wise to practice letting go of the all that pulls us from JOY?

Maybe we should begin by practicing love, forgiveness and compassion.


Pamela said...

Just the other day in dance class, Michelle told us to relax when we are dancing - we are all too tense because we are worried about getting it "right". She said in the dancing world they tell you the best way to relax is to smile - you can't be tense and smiling at the same time. Well, you can but your smile ends up looking more like a grimace! Anyway, just an example of today's subject being applied in another area of life :)

Kate said...

Lovely example, Pam. Thanks for sharing it!