Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Power of Thought

A week ago today I created a post called Facts Without Fear, pointing out an example of how the media can exacerbate fear in their readers or listeners while reporting on today's issues. Well, this week's issue of Time has redeemed them of the sin of fear creation.... at least for now.

The cover title is 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now and gives examples of how the global economy is being remade. I may not align myself with all ideas being reported, but what I applaud is the approach of stimulating new thoughts and new solutions, rather than pouring more fear on the fire of what has already occurred.

I believe this focus of new thought and subsequent solutions in our private lives is worth pursuing as well. I suggest you take a look at the thoughts you think every day. Are they based on fear and dread, or are they optimistic, fresh and hold more aliveness?

Whether you're watching a television show, the news, reading a magazine or newspaper, or in conversation with someone, notice what your tendency of response is, and what topics are receiving your attention. Do they steep you and others in more fear, or do they offer hope and possibly even alternatives of a better way.

A simple way of ascertaining where you land on the fear creating scale is to notice how you feel. If your energy is subdued, uneasy and joyless, you may be living in the land of fear. Adjusting your thoughts and speech to hope rather than blame, or optimism rather than negativism is likely to help you make a shift to the land of positivity (that's where JOY lives, by the way).

What we perceive as problems occur one at a time. The wonderful news about problems is that they can also be overcome with one thought at a time. What are you thinking?

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