Friday, April 24, 2009

A Cheerful Warning

My new Yoga practice has been teasing me out of bed extra early three mornings a week. I meet my friends at 5:45 to carpool to class. Perhaps it's the reason for my early rising, or maybe it's just me, but I tend to naturally be pretty cheery at this early hour. I like mornings a lot (that is after my coffee). There is something really exciting about being up before the sun and then witnessing it's rising. Our drive to class heads east, so I can't help but be delighted by the show of colors painted on the skyline. It really tops off my "joy tank".

I know from past experience with some of my friends that I need to put a lid on my cheerful energy early in the day and let it seep out slowly so as not to disturb those that can't take it.

I believe I have been quite sensitive to those around me that are more subdued at an early hour and treat them respectfully with no loud laughter, restricted humorous banter and a more gentle way of interacting.

This morning, that is exactly how I was being with one friend that arrived to class before us, who is particularly not a "morning gal". I quietly said "Good morning, Coleen" and planted myself on the mat in front of her. At the completion of class, I felt even better than an hour earlier and when I stood up from my mat, I said something to her like, "So are you feeling more awake now?" When another non-morning loving friend heard me, she said "Leave her alone, you Cheer Bully".

Perhaps the comment was meant to shut me up, but that was not the impact. I cracked up with a good laugh, probably causing even more cheer damage than I normally do.

I'm afraid I can't help it. I can try not to talk so much and if I do my words can be quieter, but sometimes cheer or joy squirts out of me when I'm so full there's simply no room to store it.

So, if you can't take cheer early in the day, run the other way when you see me coming. I cannot promise to contain it.


Eileen said...

I have to say "Cheer bully" is a great label. I,like you, can be rather chatty in the morning, but I usually wait until after her shower!

Pamela said...

Still laughing out loud at this! We're going to make morning girls out of Bev and Coleen yet! They both signed up to continue with the morning class - yahoo!! Like you Kate, I love mornings. I think it's interesting though how differently we express our joy. I tend to remain quiet and focus inward and you "let it all out". I likened myself to the gentle reverberation of the Tibetan singing bowl, a soft, gentle hum, while you are like the church bells, ringing out for every one to hear :)

Kate said...

Thanks for your comments, Eileen and Pam. The wonderful thing about mornings, or any other time of day, is we get to "be" as we want to "be" in it. There is no wrong, just different. Somehow we find a way to all live as one, even with our differences.

Coleen said...

You guys are too funny! Yes, I am not a morning person and I fully accept and embrace that. To finally answer your question, Kate, I do enjoy the morning yoga. It's just very hard for me to wake up and a lot times I just don't speak until I'm fully awake. I do appreciate your 'softness' in the morning around me...but never, never, feel like you have to hide your true self around me....I just might not always respond ;-)

Kate said...

That's great, Coleen....since we all know my self control is poor. Looking forward to more Yoga-ing with you!

yogamama said...

Oh you ARE a Cheer Bully! And I think you are fabulous! I love it! Do not, whatever you do, tone it down! The world needs more of this, and you. Rock it, sistah!

Kate said...

Hey, thanks, Yogamama! It may mean that there will be bodies of those with a cheer fear littered in your hallway, but they will recover balance in your class.