Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swallowed By The Sunset

My usual sunrise walking routine got bumped this morning due to an early morning speaking engagement. My day was very full, so exercise got put off until evening, making it a special event for me to close the day with a walk, rather than open it. I wondered how it would feel.

As I trekked off, the sun was still bright. My I pod was on shuffle ( I love surprises), and I was curious to see what was different in our little village at this hour.

I circled town and found it to be almost as quiet as the early morning. There was not too much traffic. Most shops were closed and the streets empty with the exception of an occasional jogger, bicyclist, and parents with babies in strollers. I often see joggers in the early morning hours, but never babies, so that was a perk for my change in routine.

I knew rehearsals for an upcoming show were going on, so I stopped in only to find the cast and director to be wrapping it up and going home. Rehearsals are never going on at 6:00 a.m, so that was different.

Next, I ran into a woman I had just happened to meet earlier today while getting my hair highlighted. We discovered we had a lot in common and I was pleased to see her out walking too. I walked her home on the far side of town and then went back to my evening discoveries.

As I walked the ridge heading west that leads back to my home, I looked down through the trees to see Main St. quietly closing up shop. There were fewer and fewer cars on the street, and more lights flickering from the houses on my path.

In the final stretch to my home, I looked ahead and was pleased to see a beautiful sunset. It struck me that it looked as if it was about to swallow the day, with me in it. There were only moments left of daylight, but enough time for me to be grateful for a full, but joy filled day before it took me in to rest. I don't mind being swallowed when I'm complete.

In the morning, the sunset grabs me and tickles me awake, so this experience was very different, but just as sweet. Good night.

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