Monday, May 11, 2009

Make Yourself At Home

Early this morning in Yoga class, our instructor guided us to make ourselves at home in our bodies. I smiled when I heard this and thought how much more at home I feel now as compared to a few months ago.

My body has always treated me pretty well and I felt pretty comfortable most of the time. The past two years, however, brought some changes that made me feel like I moved into some other body. This was not a move up into a spacious high rise or a sprawling mansion, but rather more like a shack with a tin roof.

The move did not bring more comfort, but rather more weight, less flexibility and some new aches and pains. What added to my not feeling at home any more was the frustration of these undesired body related elements. I know many people in my age range, see these things as normal and give up no longer feeling comfortable or at home in their bodies. I resisted. I don't mind getting older, but I still wanted to feel good in this body that carries me through my days. I was exercising, eating healthy foods, and yet, my body home was needing some major renovations.

My body home improvements began in early February. I committed to take even better care of myself. I improved my diet, doubled my cardio minutes per week and added Yoga to the mix. I have lost 20 pounds and feel myself moving back to that body where I can truly feel comfortable and at home.

I often say "I am not my body", and I truly believe that. I prefer to not correlate the essence of who I am with my physical self. What is also true, however, is that this body I am in transports me to all of the wonderful physical adventures the essence of me experiences.

My body home improvements continue and when they are complete, there will be consistent maintenance to keep my dwelling as comfortable as possible.

Making myself at home in my body has added to my joy tank considerably since I have exchanged frustration with empowerment, fear with optimism and discomfort with well being.

Ahhhhhh.......home again.

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