Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sidewalk Inspiration

Early this morning in the last mile of my walk, I came across some sidewalk inspiration in the form of chalk drawings and captions. I assume the artist(s) were children and I was able to easily imagine the fun they must have had creating their murals.

The impact of this art display was very powerful. They caused me to stop and linger a bit, taking in their messages. There were several drawings and sayings, and they all were about LOVE. I can only imagine the artist(s) not only felt loved, but were also loving. Some of the quotes were "I love my CAT", "I love God", "Jesus loves me", "I love my home".

It seems it often takes the innocence of a child to express love so freely. Adults often have more fear about being so transparent. The artwork was creative, there was no apparent blueprint that they followed. I imagine that doing it wrong, was not a concern. I felt joyful as I walked across the love sidewalk, which I can only imagine matched the feelings of the artist(s) as they created their series of murals.

I am generally open to be inspired and can find inspiration in just about anything. This morning's example was hard to miss. It made me wonder what life would be like if we all expressed our desire to be loved and if we shared our love as freely as the artist(s) of the sidewalk I walked across today. I imagine we would all be much kinder to one another.

There is much to learn from children and the lessons of love are no exception.

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