Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shift Happens

I am constantly reminded how quickly things can change. Shift happens, or at least can happen, in an instant....that is when we allow our thoughts to create a shift.

Yesterday morning while I was out for my daily trek, I ran into a former JOY workshop participant. I hadn't seen her in awhile and stopped to say hello. When I asked how things were going in her life, she gave me the condensed version of three years of financial fears, frustrations and dis empowerment. This gal gave up a well paying job due to concerns for her overall health. Her home, which is in need of repair, has been on the market unsuccessfully for three years and is at risk of foreclosure. She is barely supporting herself at the present time, living day to day.

Obviously, in listing her various problems, she was feeling scared, desperate and confused. After listening to her feelings for awhile, it struck me that she was identifying herself with the issues that are currently present in her life. She lost track of who she was. I'm not talking about her titles, degrees or work experience, but about the truth of her.

As I reminded her of that which is the truth, I saw her face shift from fear to peace. I witnessed her reconnection and shift to a place of knowing she can handle anything that comes along, regardless of the situations.

Shortly after her shift of perspective, we bid our good-byes and continued walking in opposite directions. A half hour later at another point in town, we came upon each other again. This meeting was a joyful one. I could see her smile in the distance as she approached. This time she related to me how wonderful she felt. There was now hope and optimism that all will be well and that all is well even now.

This was an amazing transformation to witness. In the second meeting, I witnessed a woman that was connected to the spirit of her. Her financial challenges still existed. Her home still needed repairs and was not yet sold. She was still unsure of what the outcomes would be, yet looking at the issues of her life, from a place of peace, created an opening for unconditional joy to be present. What a joy and inspiration it was for me to witness this shift. There is nothing special about my friend that created this transformation in her perspective, other than her being open to it.

I believe without question, when we allow ourselves to look within, beyond our perceived limits and fears, we can all find peace, joy, and freedom. It also seems more likely that we can better deal with the challenges that are present in our lives when we are in a state of peace, rather than fear.

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