Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The View

I am frequently entertained by the countless views or perspectives we humans can have. What is particularly amusing is that we typically see our personal perspectives as being "right". Of course that would be the case, since we believe we know all there is to know and have come to the conclusion as to what is "right" based on the obvious....that is, what is going on in our minds.

The truth is when looking at many situations, there are numerous perspectives that can be "right". The stretch for us is to open our minds enough so we can consider another answer, solution, viewpoint etc. Many times when we have strongly attached ourselves to a position or opinion, we don't know all there is to know and we fear letting go of our idea. Typically, if there is more than one person involved, there will be at least that many different views on the subject.

When more than one view is present, there may be a collision....In the defense of our view someone may be hurt....something may be spoken from a defensive stance that creates a mess, hurt feelings, stress, anxiety and even separation. Naturally when each person then looks at the mess, a new view is created about that newly created situation, and on it goes.

To be able to live peacefully, it seems to make sense to not hold too tightly to our own personal view. Being curious about the perspective someone else holds may open our minds to a whole new way of seeing things. Being open to a different view, not only helps relationships, it deepens our understanding about the connection we all share while having unique ways of seeing the world.

My goal is not to have to be right. I once heard author/speaker, Wayne Dyer, say if you have the choice to be kind or be right, choose kind. I take that as sound advice, since being kind means peace and that is really what I want.

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