Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Foggy Road

It was barely daylight as I found myself swallowed up by a dense fog driving to Yoga class early this morning. As I drove the 15 miles, I remembered how fog used to terrify me. Now I find it beautiful and kind of mysterious. Metaphorically speaking, what was even more frightening was when I couldn't see what was up ahead on the road of my life.

Both roads... the real one in the fog, and the one that exists in my head, are much easier to travel since my fear level has diminished significantly and I trust more.

When you drive in fog, even though you may not be able to see what's coming up ahead, you just use the lines on the side of the road as your guide. In life, you simply focus on where you are "now". Navigating through the fog of life, many of us feel more secure if we know what's ahead, so we can plan and prepare. We tend not to like surprises since they weren't in our plan and we fear we can't handle it. When we simply trust our intuition and God we are always directed in a way that will ultimately serve us.

I've found that in order to live peacefully, accepting what shows up on the path, steering around some things (when possible), stopping or turning around, are all options to consider. The truth is we can't predict what may show up or what the right course will be until we're actually there, so why try to predict or worry about the possibilities?

The beautiful thing about nature is that fog comes and goes, as does all elements. On my morning drive home, there were spots along the way that I drove out of the fog and into the sunshine where I could see clearly without confusion or any disorientation...also as it is in life.

My advice...drive happily and peacefully.....remember to slow down or pull over when you need to, keep your lights on and don't panic. All fog eventually lifts.

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