Saturday, June 20, 2009

D.U.I.Y. (Driving Under the Influence of Yoga)

My road of life metaphor thread continues.

The other night following my Yoga class, I was feeling especially good. There was an elevated sense of alertness, and at the same time a feeling of extreme peacefulness. I felt the effect so strongly, I put my window down so the wind would stimulate me, keeping me alert to the road. I laughed at my own thought that I was driving under the influence of Yoga and hoped I wouldn't be pulled over.

Driving the metaphorical road of life under the influence of Yoga seems like a good idea to me since I feel so good....peaceful and yet fully alive. What a joy it is to live within a state of mind that does not contemplate harm or judgment of oneself or another, but rather experiencing life fully. The absence of the need to compare is also a plus, since for many the typical road of life causes people to constantly look over their shoulder.

Other Yoga practice benefits come from an inner focus centered on breathing, movement and presence in any given moment, simultaneously. There is a very sacred honoring and integration of one's body, mind and spirit that takes place. Maybe if we all made this our practice for ourselves, we would honor each other more too.

I managed to drive home safely with no threat to anyone else on the road. Had I been pulled over for D.U.I.Y., I wonder if there would be a breath test to determine my level of inner peace. Even if there was, I'm sure it's legal.

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