Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuned Into the Shift

My son has always been tuned into mechanical things and how they work. When he was just a toddler, strapped into his car seat, he was giving me advice on how to drive.

One day I was driving the back roads of Tioga County in my standard shift 1981 Volvo. I was going uphill and the engine was straining a bit in fourth gear. Just before I put my hand on the gear shift, I heard a small voice come from the backseat, saying "Downshift, Mommy".

I was amazed that my three year old child was tuned in enough to hear the engine and know what the car needed in the moment. It was a memorable lesson for me that when we are tuned in to life, we also have a sense of what is needed in any moment.

Our signals to shift in life are often subtle, so we must pay close attention and not fall asleep at the wheel.

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