Wednesday, June 3, 2009

High Flying

At 6:00 this morning as I drove to Yoga class, I made a request to God for inspiration for a blog post. Within a moment, two birds flew into my sight. What was inspiring about this scene was a very small bird was egging on a much larger bird. It really caught my eye since typically I'd expect to see a larger creature picking on a smaller one.

My first thought in witnessing this scene was how confident this little bird was. Perhaps he/she did not know they were small. Perhaps it just had a greater sense of self-belief than what the larger bird had.

I immediately applied this lesson of high flying to my own life. It reminded me that I can only create experiences to the degree I believe I can. I am only limited by my own beliefs. If I assess a situation to be "too big" for me, than I play small. If I see whatever it is in my sights as absolutely possible, then all I have to do is go after it.

The inspiration I am holding from this little encounter is to not compare myself to those that appear smarter, more savvy or more experienced, but rather to simply soar through life believing I can always fly higher.

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