Monday, June 1, 2009

Peaceful Relationships

Over the course of our life times there are many people that will cross our paths. We will see some of them as friends and some as enemies. We will be open, kind and respectful to some, and rude and antagonistic to others.

Of course, we will feel justified in our unkindness and rudeness if we see the other as non-deserving of our respect.

When I first saw this picture that a friend sent in an email this morning, it struck me that this cat and eagle were not likely to be friends, however this shot depicts some level of tolerance, perhaps even openness to take a closer look at the other. Perhaps these two species are overriding what may be an instinct or are possibly even taught, and are willing to meet, eye to eye and get to know one another.

I admit, I'm making up a story here, but it is a story I enjoy imagining. It's a story that does not anticipate conflict, but looks closer and more deeply to see goodness and commonality in one another. My story has characters that are secure enough to assume the best, rather than the worst in those around them. My story does not depict wars, but rather peaceful conversations. My story respects all and simply by pausing to reflect on the feelings of their enemy, creates trust in the other.

This cat and eagle have inspired me to pause before I be open to see the best and to sit with those that I typically would avoid. Perhaps I will learn something that will make my life even more of a joy to live.

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