Saturday, July 18, 2009

Celebrate or Berate

Today is my husband's birthday and I am very pleased to see him seizing the day as one to celebrate, not one to ignore.

It's puzzling to me why it seems to be universally acceptable to celebrate and not berate the birthday boy or girl when we're children, but after a certain age, which can vary depending on what we consider being "too old", many of us begin to dread being reminded we have lived another year. We give cards that tease about being 'over the hill', we make derogatory jokes about age and for many of us, just hope it will all pass quickly, so we can go back to living our lives unnoticed until the next year.

Perhaps if we more consciously and sincerely celebrated aging, we would naturally be paying more respect to those that have lived the longest. We would look forward to being older rather than longing for our lost youth.

I encourage you to truly celebrate your birthdays, since the longer we're around the more life we get to live.....and that is always a good thing.

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