Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Near Life Experience

Most people have probably heard the phrase "Near Death Experience", which is apparently a pretty cool thing to be essentially dead and to feel the presence of God, perfect peace, love and joy....I suppose it would be aptly described as complete bliss. What has been said to occur in these situations, is that the one that has passed away, gets a taste of the hereafter and then after a short visit comes back to their body. Although I can honestly say I look forward to going on that ride, I'm not in a big rush to leave this life.

Early this morning while hiking a back road near my home, I was playing with the thought of a "Near Life Experience". Now, I know we are already alive, but sometimes I wonder if we are reallllly alive. I know my levels of aliveness vary. When I am fully present, I feel the sweetness of each breath. When my mind is busy working on something, or I'm distracted by some stimulus, I'm not feeling all that alive. I imagine there are many people that have a very low level of aliveness most of the time and rarely even get a whiff of bliss.

I can honestly say I feel really good most of the time (mentally, physically and spiritually). I bounce between gratitude and joy and occasionally even taste bliss. I tend to see the humor in life, laugh a lot and tend not get pulled into low energy feelings very often. If someone was observing my life they would probably say I am living fully. Although that sounds great, I actually believe there is more to be lived. I believe that joy could be even more present and deeper. I believe I can love more consistently and experience bliss more often.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining.....I love my life and the learning that comes with it. I have had many "Near Life Experiences" that have shown me my ability to live fully (the no kidding kind of fully) is available to us all.

I'm up for more of that....how about you?

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