Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Word of the Day.....Engage

Some days I get focused on a word for some reason and then think about it whenever I have a free moment. I have no idea why certain words resonate so strongly with me....they just do. When it happens, I just sit back and enjoy what comes along.

This morning while doing abdominal crunches, I told my muscles to engage. When I paused to consciously feel how strongly that engagement was occurring, more ways to engage lined up in my mind. They were apparently not popping into my awareness in any particular order, but they did come easily.

I like engaging. For me it is very intentional. You engage for a reason....for a purpose. Engaging in something brings about an outcome.

Another reason I like engaging is it also enmeshes with something or someone else. When you are shifting the gears of your car you are engaging the transmission with the engine. When you are truly present with another person, you are engaged in listening and/or speaking with them. If you are engaged in prayer or meditation, a spiritual connection is being made.

It's no wonder the word played in my mind all day. I love connection.....I mean being fully engaged, committed and enmeshed with purpose and intention.

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