Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Disappointment Lessons

As mentioned in a previous blog post, in late December I tend to look over my shoulder at the previous year to see what I've learned and perhaps what I may want to change.

On my mental search today, I realized that disappointments don't have the same kind of power over me that they used to. This is a muscle that has been growing gradually for me. Where I used to be temporarily paralyzed when something didn't go the way I planned, or if someone didn't come through in carrying out a promise, or if I simply did not have "a plan" come together the way I anticipated, I notice I am now rarely even knocked off balance by disappointments. In the past, I would allow disappointments to pull me into the land of "victim", or stimulate me to be angry and seek revenge if another person was involved in a disappointing plot against me.

When I think about why I am not so easily hooked by disappointments, I believe it is a natural side effect of my ongoing focus in the practice of acceptance. With complete acceptance, there is another natural side effect of peace. When peace is present, disappointment doesn't have a place to latch hold.

Another component of not being victimized by disappointment is that I trust more than I used to. When something doesn't go as planned, I trust that a better solution or answer will take it's place. I may not know what it is, or when it will appear, but I generally trust it will eventually show up.

Of course, this is a muscle I will continue to strengthen by simply noticing how I feel. When disappointment hangs around longer than I care to hold it, I will follow the plan that works for me..........Accept what is and trust that all will eventually work out perfectly.

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