Sunday, December 27, 2009

Peace Returns to the Kingdom

The Kingdom of Kate has officially returned to a peaceful norm today. All of the holiday decorations have been packed away. Guest's beds have been re-made with fresh sheets. Party leftovers have been eaten or frozen for later use. Gifts have found a place to be stored. Our beautiful Frazier fir has been carried outdoors and awaiting pick up. All outward signs of the Christmas holiday are gone, but certainly not forgotten.

Once again, our home was a center for several weeks of parties and quiet dinners with friends and family. Although it has been a very enjoyable time of celebration, I welcome the return of peace and order to my kingdom.

Perhaps I am a bit obsessive about having order in my surroundings. I like it when things are in their place, clean and neat. Each year, I temporarily over-ride my usual habits of housekeeping and schedules so that I can fully enjoy all the holiday prep and entertaining. It was complete this morning as we bid farewell to our last guests.

So, as I look around my kingdom, I see order and I feel peace and gratitude for all the fun that made the messes in the first place and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

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