Tuesday, September 9, 2008


About 8 years ago when I was first taking courses for life coaching, I created a list of my Values. In coach-eze Values are the building blocks that make you the unique person you are. When they are present in your life......you feel great. There's a resonance when you even think about them. Although we all have many values some will hold greater importance than others and will be ranked at the top of our list. Values can also be grouped under one heading and then that category can be given a name that really speaks to you.

C.E.O was one of the Value headings near the top of my list. What it meant to me was being the C.E.O. of my life. The values of mine under this heading are freedom, creativity, joy, accomplishment, success, expansion (growth), learning and travel. When any of these values are present and honored, life is feeling good. When all of them are present, life is realllllly feeeeeeling good.

So why is that helpful to know? When I remember I am in charge of my life, I am compelled to make decisions that honor me. I make choices that resonate with who I am. Before you make any judgments about me being selfish, read on. When I am making choices that feel good to me, I am going to be a joyful soul that enjoys what I do. I will not be saying "yes" to requests that don't resonate for me. I will say "yes" to things that are a match for my interests, skills and values. Whether it is a paying job, a volunteer post, or even a favor for someone, I knowingly agree when my heart will be in it and I can be fully committed.

If you're reading this and thinking that there's lots of things you must do in your life even though you don't like them, look more closely and you can find a value or two that can make a difference in how you feel in your process. For instance, I don't have a Value around cleaning the oven, but I do have a Value called accomplishment. So, when I'm cleaning the oven, I focus on how good it will feel when I can cross this job off my list.

I encourage you to notice how you feel as you say "yes" or "no" to requests made of you. If you feel great and are excited about completing the task, there are values being honored. If you dread following through, yet can't wait until it's over, then there is most likely not a Value in sight.

The great news is you are the C.E.O. and when you look closely your Values are waiting for you to connect with them.

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