Monday, September 8, 2008

Spiritual Health and Fitness

In today's world the benefits of physical fitness are highly touted. There are countless machines, exercise classes, diets, books, DVDs, CDs, not to mention special shoes and clothing for every form of exercise.

We are also very health conscious when it comes to taking care of the internal functioning of our bodies. We monitor our hearts, our lungs, our calcium level, our cholesterol, our blood pressure and our weight, to name a few systems. We are a society that tends to be consumed with the desire to be as healthy as possible, although many of us are not focused on our spiritual health.

To be truly healthy in body, mind and spirit, we are well served to pay attention to taking care of our spiritual health as well as our bodies. Yes, we need to exercise and eat healthy foods. It is important to have regular check ups and to work with our practitioners in maintaining our best level of physical health. Spiritual fitness is equally important.

My definition of spiritual health is all about our spirit, or our inner selves. The part of ourselves that truly defines who we are. Our spirit is connected to the unseen. I consider my spirit to be in relationship with God as well as being one with all. There are no limitations of spirit....The spiritual part of us cannot be compared to another. It cannot be evaluated or condemned. It is the part of ourselves that knows all is well even when our lives may be in chaos. It is the part of us that loves, that trusts, and believes we are whole, even when our body tells us otherwise. Spirit is the domain for peace, love and joy and lives on beyond the time our bodies die.

So how does one become spiritually healthy? There are many avenues to strengthen this vital part of who we are. Prayer, meditation, reading inspirational books, sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded people, practicing gratitude, forgiveness and unconditional love are some of my favorite practices. In essence, it is about being still and conscious of breath and quieting the mind so you can hear and feel the reassurance that this form of self care can influence every compartment of your life.

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