Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dream Within A Dream

When I awoke this morning I was at a very exciting point in a dream. In my dream state, I was creating a dream. I was in a large building similar to the type you would see at Warner Brothers or Universal Studios. I was walking about, choosing the various components that would go into my dream. I had just chosen a site, which was a hilly landscape. I chose a building which was a cottage-style home, and I was in the midst of looking at a cardboard cut-out of some people to add to my dream. There were four or five silhouettes of people, all grouped together, but their faces were not filled in. The cut-out was blank. At the point that I awakened, I was just about to define who these people would be. Unfortunately, I awoke before that piece of my dream configuration was complete.

Although the faces were still blank in my mind, I did lie in my bed for awhile imagining the faces that would have been filled in. If my sub-conscious mind, where dreams are produced, is anything like my conscious mind, the faces would have likely been people I don't yet know. It's not that I'm tired of being around my old friends and family, it's just that I get excited about adding to my circle of loved-ones.

I laughed at myself as I became more alert. Even in a dream, creating the perfect experience, I was interested in adventure....a surprise. Meeting new people is one of my favorite surprises. I never know when or where they will appear. I am always alert....since they may play a starring role in my next dream on earth.

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