Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The "I" of the Storm

If you can imagine a terrible storm howling around you. There are high winds, rain, sleet, hail and snow falling from the sky. Windows shake and sometimes tree limbs, or even trees fall to the ground. Now imagine in the center of that storm, there is the eye, the calm place that is not associated with the chaos and damage that is present around the periphery.

This image of the storm described above is the same for us personally. I suggest you use the storm and eye description as a metaphor for life by remembering who we really are is the "I" of the storm. The chaos surrounding us represents the stuff of life. Much of the time our lives may be within the realm of manageable, yet there are times that it feels like we are being tossed about amongst the never ending list of challenges. These challenges may be family, financial, work related or may be physical. Many times we take on problems that are in other people's lives having their storms, intersect with ours. When we identify with the "stuff of life", it is easy to feel like a rag doll being tossed in the storm and unable to find peace. In fact, we just hope to survive whatever that current storm happens to be.

Now, take a deep breath and imagine experiencing life from the "I" where you feel strong, centered and balanced. This is the place where all of your gifts, strengths and inner knowing are being fully integrated as you interact and respond to the issues of life. You still make decisions, pay bills, handle family issues and work through conflicts, but without the feeling of helplessness or overwhelm. You respond to life's issues, rather than react to them. This calm, centered "I" of the storm is possible when you own and identify what is true about you.

Many of us are not accustomed to identifying and owning our natural gifts. We often tend to focus on our weaknesses or compare ourselves to others and wish we had their gifts. The truth is, we all have what we need to live life in the "I" of the Storm. When we learn to identify with who we really are then life seems more manageable and more enjoyable.

Who we really are is love, joy, freedom, compassion, passion and understanding. We are not our credit card balance. We are not the perpetual conflicts at work. We are not the gas prices or the stock market. We are not our aging bodies. We are not our children's grades. As long as we identify with that which challenges us, then we will feel helpless and scared. When we learn to focus on the truth of who we really are, we gradually feel more peace, joy, balance and harmony in our lives.

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lost in leetonia said...

I was beginning to think I was lost in the "I" of the internet as blogger rejected my first attempt at posting a comment.

Now that that is out. I am so excited about coming. Taking some me time to find out who "I" is. Obviously, "I" is someone who doesn't mind bad grammer. LOL Looking forward to laughing out loud!