Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Wink of a Sunrise

Early yesterday morning I took off for my usual walk, hoping to catch the sunrise in action. As I focused my attention to the east as I walked along the ridge of my street, I noticed the rising sun was partially obscured by some trees in my view. My immediate thought was that it made it look like the sun was winking at me. Of course, I was completely amused by my noticing and then began to wonder what it meant.

As I thought about what the message was for me in the winking sunrise, I realized what it was immediately. I had noticed when I first got out of bed, I was a little bit draggy and not in a very happy mood. I didn't have a good reason. There was nothing to blame it on, it was just how I felt. Naturally since I started my day in this blah mood, things were not looking very good to me....that was until I saw my winking sunrise.

The wink of the sunrise was telling me to lighten up. It was reminding me to notice the unexpected and delight in it. It was telling me to wake up and enjoy this day by getting out of my own head. The wink was also telling me I was okay and that I was loved. It told me things are never as bad as they seem. It told me what is important will get done.....and most of all the winking sunrise said, I'm with you all the way, Kate. You'll never be alone.

So, I took my messages and went on my way....and you know what? The winking sunrise was right. I lightened up, delighted in my day, felt loved, saw the positive in the negative and felt connected to all, all day!

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