Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The First signs of Fall

It is almost Fall here in northern Pennsylvania. There are many hints that let me know it's near.

The first sign appeared last week....this is the sock sign. After wearing sandals all summer, it was chilly enough for me to wear socks. I chose to celebrate by wearing a flashy pair with multi-colored stripes.

The second sign was I needed a sweatshirt to walk in the morning. I love it when it is cool enough when I am exercising that I don't sweat. (I don't particularly enjoy sweating....never did)

The third sign was some change of color in the leaves. There is just a hint here and there at this point, but I know it won't be long until I will be surrounded by reds, oranges, yellows and rusts.

I feel like baking. Chocolate chip cookies were the inspiration on the day that this first hit me.

There are more tourists in town.

I look for the opportunity to take a nap....even if I'm not tired. I think it's because I love covering myself with my beautiful warm, soft blue blanket.

I'm looking for new recipes to make, giving me a reason to turn on the oven.

When I'm in a department store I gravitate to the Fall colored items.
I turn on the gas fireplace in the evening.

I start thinking about how I will celebrate "me" on my birthday.

I read more than usual.

I have started to stack my books I want to read through the cold months.

I pulled out the dead petunias from my window flower box.

I look longingly at pumpkins at roadside stands...( it is still too early for me to buy one.....that is reserved when Fall is reallllly here)

I start planning dinner parties with friends.

I make soups.

I buy Mums for the front steps.

I've been eyeing up the bread making machine still in its box in the mud room.

I feel like a kid.

Yes, this pre-Fall time of year is great, and in my mind it is only out-done by the real deal, Autumn. It is probably my favorite time of year, partly due to the list above (although these activities continue for months), and mostly due to the feeling I get inside (that is inside me). There's a warm-cuddly, curl-up-on-the-sofa, breathe-the-crisp-air, kick-leaves-when-you- walk, kind of feel. I guess another name for it would be JOY.

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