Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Wonderful World of Metaphors

If you have read any of my previous blog entries, you already know I love a good metaphor. I am never at a loss to find one when I am in need of deepening my understanding of something going on in my life, or when I'm trying to explain how I feel, or for just the sheer entertainment and fun of it.

I went out for a drive again today for the sheer entertainment since there may not be too many more top-down days before Grace (my car) goes into hibernation for the winter. As I drove out to a local landmark, The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, numerous metaphors came to mind.

One metaphor came to me when a tractor carrying a big load of hay pulled out just ahead of me. Due to the curves of the road, it wasn't safe for me to attempt to pass, so naturally I had to slow way down. Sometimes things just show up in our lives, that cause us to slow down. Many times, like today, we are forced to slow down when we don't want to and that can have a negative effect. At first, I noticed a bit of impatience and then after a short time, I accepted my slow pace and began to enjoy the perspective from that place (and slow speed). Eventually, I came to a safe area to pass and I sped on ahead. That was another metaphor for me to pay attention to....sometimes opportunities show up and we have the choice to take them and move ahead, or stay where we are. Sometimes, if we aren't paying attention, we miss some opportunities to move ahead.

After awhile, my husband and I stopped for lunch and I saw another metaphor.....the menu. There were so many choices. I looked it all over and then checked in with myself to see what I really wanted for this meal. I asked myself "what food will taste good right now?" In looking at the menu of life, it would be a similar question...."What life choice would feel good right now?"

My meal choice was delicious ( I even had leftovers to take home), and it left me feeling happy and satisfied.....yep, you guessed it.....another metaphor.

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