Thursday, September 18, 2008

Perfect Connections

To follow on yesterday's theme, there is more to say about Connection. Today, I experienced a very joyful one.

I traveled to Danville, PA this morning for a post cancer surgery check-up. I have made several visits to this very large medical center since my surgery in June, 2008. Each time, I meet new people, receive very kind and efficient treatment and then leave satisfied with my trip.

At the time of my last visit and again today, I made a really remarkable connection. My nurse practitioner, Christina, and I hit it off like we knew each other for our whole lives. At the time of our first meeting, she immediately connected with me on a very real and human level. She was not only very thorough in checking me out physically, she checked me out emotionally and spiritually too. Of course, I loved that kind of connection and attention and felt very comfortable with her.

Before today's appointment, I really looked forward to seeing Christina again. She shared that she knew I was coming and also looked forward to seeing me. We greeted one another with a hug. Once again, I received a thorough exam, reassurance that all is well and deepened our already lovely connection.

The truth as I see it about connection, is it does not have to come only with those whom you have known for an extended period of time. You don't have to know one another's histories, family origins, likes, dislikes, dreams or failures. As shown by the example I described above, Christina and I connected immediately, purely by who we are right now. Maybe it's because we are both open to really seeing people as they really are. Whatever the reason, I am happy and grateful to have made this connection. We will reconnect in 4 months when I return.

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