Monday, September 15, 2008

Many Hats

In the busy lives we live, we are required to wear many hats. Sometimes we change our hat several times within an hour, sometimes we can wear one hat for an extended period of time. All of this hat changing can confuse us as to who we really are.

Some of the hats I wear on a regular basis are my wife hat, my mother hat, my coach hat, my leader hat, my daughter hat, my sister hat, my friend hat, my business partner hat, my business owner hat, my neighbor hat, my mentor hat, my workshop leader hat, my community member hat, my citizen hat, my client hat, my cancer survivor hat, my nurse hat, my actor hat, my walker hat, my Game Girl hat (don't ask), my supporter hat, my rabble rouser hat, my donor hat, my audience member hat, my CEO hat, my volunteer hat, my writer hat, my pet owner hat, my cook hat and my spiritual student hat.... to name the ones most visible on my hat rack.

When I am focusing on the hat I am wearing and am redefining myself as I change hats, it can be very confusing and exhausting. The truth is, although the roles change as I change hats, who I am does not change. You see, who I am is changeless.....who I am goes way beyond the roles I play or the things I do. Who I am is constant and consistent and it doesn't have a hat to go with it.

Now, this may throw you a bit, but imagine seeing yourself and defining who you are without considering any of the hats you wear or the roles you play. When you look at yourself then...what do you see? How would you describe yourself?
I know I am love. I am joy. I am understanding. I am patience. I am compassion. I am inspiration and enthusiasm. I am spiritual. I am authentic. I am fun. This list is not's just the things that first came to mind.

If you notice you are thinking it is arrogant of me to use these terms to describe myself, I would counter with the question...."Why aren't you seeing these or other wonderful qualities in yourself?" How does ignoring or being embarrassed to own your positive qualities help others?

Now, I am not suggesting we go around bragging about or comparing our qualities. That would not serve anyone. I am suggesting however, that you look beyond the hats you wear, to the center of your being where who you really are resides. Once you make that connection, whatever hat you happen to be wearing, you will always be comfortable and you will always be happy.

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lost in leetonia said...

Cool, hat trick. Of course you did pull a rabbit out of that hat trick.