Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Abundant Inspiration

When it's my intention to create something, I prepare myself to be inspired. I prepare by being open to receive a thought or an idea and then act on it. I set myself up for inspiration to be easy and to flow, rather than to be challenging and difficult, by setting my intention. I intend to receive what I need.

Inspiration means in spirit, so it naturally has a spiritual feel for me. I see inspiration not coming from my own doing, but from spirit....That feels really good since it isn't all up to me, I can just be willing to receive and ideas flow. To me, spirit is divine guidance. If I am being divinely guided, of course......I will listen.

Reasons that I open myself for inspiration include coming up with topics and content for this blog, games for parties, workshops, activities for Project: Inside Out, how to decorate my home, what to make for dinner, what book to read next, and where to travel. I am inspired to volunteer, to exercise, to send a card to someone needing a little reminder they are thought about. I am inspired on where to network my business, what movie to select and whom I should call when I have some free time.

Inspiration comes to me in many forms. I can often be inspired by nature....that is when I stop long enough to notice what is right there in front of me. Watching a sunrise, enjoying a mountain view, or a squirrel holding a nut, or water running over stones, has a message for me... if I can be quiet and still long enough to appreciate it.

I am also often inspired by words. I love quotes and in fact, collect ones that have been particularly inspirational to me. A favorite is "To forgive is to set the prisoner free and then discover the prisoner was you".

I'm inspired by the actions of others. Sometimes it may be someone famous or sometimes it's a friend, colleague or client that inspires me. I'm sure whatever it is that they say was the result of their being inspired.
I'm inspired in my prayers and meditations. This is particularly powerful since I am able to shut down the clamour in my mind and feel the presence of peace and comfort instead.

I'm inspired by books. There are countless books that I have read in my adult life that have left an imprint that still resonate with me today. An early book that inspired me on my spiritual path was Awareness by Anthony DeMello.

I'm inspired by music. Listening to piano or saxophone can easily lull me back to peace if I'm stressed or anxious. My Dirty Dancing soundtrack inspires me to move (I am inspired to dance with my vacuum and clean my house).

I'm inspired by journaling. I can sit with a pen in my hand, poised on the book and words flow onto the paper. They are always loving, understanding words that are just what I need to see.

I'm inspired by watching children play since they are simply being themselves, creating and using their natural gifts without fear of being judged.

I'm inspired by art that obviously is the result of the artist being inspired.

I'm inspired by theater. I love to be moved to tears and to laugh until my belly hurts.

These examples are merely a sample of sources and outcomes of my abundant inspiration.

What inspires you?


Ivory Lady said...

When are you going to start dreaming in Pavlovas? What will that look like?

Kate said...

I'm afraid I may not be able to print that dream.....You know the impact of Pavlovas.