Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chocolate Brownie Trust Pie

I recently had a very interesting dream that brought up thoughts for me about trust. I was invited to a chocolate dessert party and brought a cheese cake to add to a huge array of other chocolate delicacies. As I strolled around a large room where the desserts were displayed on beautifully decorated tiers, I was trying to decide which chocolate treat I would sample. I sought out my friend, Barbara who was hosting the party, and asked for her suggestion.

Barbara happens to be a person for whom I hold a great deal of respect and trust. Her general attitude about life is aligned with mine. She has a great sense of humor and exhibits a very basic wisdom about things in general. So when I asked her what chocolate dessert she recommended, she suggested the brownie pie, substituting a juicy beef steak tomato to top it off rather than vanilla ice-cream. In the dream, I was surprised to hear this suggestion, but due to my level of trust for Barbara, that's what I ordered. Unfortunately, I woke up before I took my first I can't report on how it tasted.

What I can report is that trusting is not always easy. It can stretch us to a point that we may not be able to bend. There's always some risk involved when we open ourselves to trust another. By the same token, we get to choose those we trust and those we don't. We are always at choice and just as I trusted Barbara in my dream regarding her dessert recommendation, if someone else suggested it, I may have said "no thank you".

So how do we use trust in our lives so that it serves us well and we can minimize the chances of being hurt? I base my trust in people on what I have observed of them in their lives and how they have treated me and others in the past. Due to my long standing love and appreciation for Barbara's sincere way of being, it was easy for me to try the tomato topped brownie pie.

I realize that trust is a far more complex topic that what was covered in my dream since it affects all relationships, including trusting ourselves. There are many variables and situations to consider, but what I know about me is I am willing to take a chance to test the theory that to be trusted, you must trust.

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