Thursday, October 30, 2008

Super Powers

Over the course of our lives we all face numerous challenges, some of which may seem as though we can't make it through alive....or at least not in suitable condition to ever be happy again.

The reality of a typical life course, which is a mix of joyful and sorrowful experiences, is that we do make it. With the exception of someone succumbing to a terminal disease, we all survive. Sometimes we survive unscathed....sometimes there are lasting wounds....often times leaving emotional scars. Sometimes the most challenging events may actually help us to discover and use our Super Powers of emotional strength, resiliency and subsequent spiritual growth.

I can clearly recall a life changing experience for me where I first learned I had more strength and power than I knew I had.

I was in my mid twenties and lost a pregnancy at 3 months gestation. Up to this point of my young life, I had never faced anything as personally devastating as this. Due to my lack of experience in dealing with heart breaking challenges, I had the spiritual wind knocked out of me with not much hope of emotional survival. I can remember telling God after I lived through a year of grief, that I could not go through that again, and prayed for a healthy pregnancy the next time. After two more years of extreme stress and inability to conceive as easily as the first time, I finally became pregnant again. The elation my husband and I felt was short-lived. Five months later, this child was lost too.

In spite of my prediction that I would not survive a loss like this again, I did. I not only survived, I got through it with grace, peace and a greater understanding of who I really was.

The reality that I learned of myself was that I was much stronger than I ever knew. My experience following my first pregnancy showed me that suffering, resentment and blame did not change the outcome for the better. It showed me that my resistance to what happened only prolonged my pain. It eventually showed me that acceptance brought peace. By the time of the loss of the second child, I no longer blamed God. I didn't understand why it happened, but accepted that it did. I began to focus on what I could do to live a happy life, rather than complain about my experience and be jealous of anyone that had a healthy pregnancy. I was able to grieve and feel peace at the same time.

I now look back on that time of my life with gratitude for the learning. If it didn't happen, I may not have learned about my Super Powers that were always present within me, waiting to be used.

In dealing with the extreme challenges of our lives, we have all had to dig deep to find the wherewith all to move on. Connecting with what it was within that allowed us to move on, is a great place to explore and expand. It can also help us now to heal the emotional wounds that may still exist from the past.

It is never to late to begin living with a greater use of the Super Powers we each possess. It would surely lessen our suffering, improve our spiritual understanding and increase our JOY.

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