Monday, October 27, 2008

What Are You Waiting For?

Based on my own past history and the stories I have heard from many friends and clients, I've seen how we can put the brakes on our own growth, learning, adventures and potential successes of any type because we are in the practice of waiting. We may be waiting for the right time, the right situation, the right people, the right setting, the right opportunity, the right funding, the right body weight or shape, the right guidance or the right support. While we wait we also can tend to complain about the absence of what it is we are waiting for.

Many times waiting for something to unfold rather than forcing something to happen is the perfect answer. On the other hand, sometimes our waiting is actually just stalling. We may be afraid to play big in life so we hide behind the Waiting List of reasons to not make a move. While we wait, we are likely to not feel very fulfilled.

So how do we know if we are in a state of mindful timing in our waiting or are simply just delaying our own success? A good place to check in with yourself is how you feel.

If the feelings of excitement regarding whatever it is you are wanting to create in your life are strong, then you will feel really good whenever you think about it. Waiting will not feel like stalling. The thinking (and good feelings) about your desire is actually moving you along your path closer to your dream. When your focus is strong in thought, the people, opportunities, funds and inspirations to make it happen will be scattered about on your path. As long as you respond to the signposts along the way with the appropriate actions and appreciation, you will keep the momentum steadily moving in a positive direction.

On the other hand, if you notice you are feeling frustrated, fearful, disappointed or angry most of the time, you are actually getting in your own way. Typically these states of mind produce feelings that would fall into the negative category where it may feel as though you are moving away from your dream or desire, rather than closer to it. If you notice you complain fairly often about your dream not happening is a good sign you're blocking your own progress.

The good news is we are each in control of our own thoughts. So to get yourself on a positive track, think positive thoughts. Picture what it is you are wanting. See it in detail. Feel how you would feel when it happens. Get yourself excited about it. Talk about it. Look at pictures that remind you of your desire. Write about it and then watch how things will fall into place to make it a reality.
This positive, trusting, non-attached type of focus keeps your mind clear so you can see the steps needed to move you along. Of course, you also need to be ready and willing to take those steps. When you are truly ready to live your life without limits you'll know when the time is right to take action, and you will know it is right by how it feels.

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