Monday, December 22, 2008

On A Roll

I think we have all experienced times when we felt we were on a roll. Sometimes it's a negative roll where nothing seems to go our way. Other times, it is a positive roll, where every detail seems to work out in our favor. Today was one of those positive roll days for me.

There was nothing extraordinary about my day, although it was delightful. It began with a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee, reading a couple of sweet emails from friends, my meditation time, a workout to my Latin dancing DVD, catching up with some details at home, a two hour relaxing facial, a visit and gift exchange with a good friend, running into two old friends I haven't seen in 10 years, and then an effortless grocery shopping trip (in the midst of Christmas chaos).

What I could clearly see in my day's experiences (and it is not over yet) was that I felt great all day. My lineup of activities were those I chose to do and fully enjoyed. As I moved from one thing to the next, my gratitude grew. As my gratitude grew, so did my joy. I carried a feeling of lightness which I believed then helped create the next lovely event.

There is no question in my mind that I create my own experience. Although I may want to blame someone else when things don't go well, I know how I am being and feeling affects what shows up.

Perhaps we notice this more readily when we're on a negative roll and one thing after another goes wrong. If you have ever noticed when something occurs that annoys us, which in turn will contribute mightily to a darker mood, it will almost seem like we are walking around with a storm cloud over our head. Naturally, if we're carrying around a dark storm-like energy, more darkness will come forth.

In my bright series of experiences of today, my beliefs were reinforced. I (and you) are so powerful, we can create a day filled with joy filled occurrences....or not. Since we have a choice on which way we would like to live, why not have it be on a positive roll?

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