Friday, December 26, 2008

The Greatest Discovery

As a life coach I have the privilege to witness and partner in astounding discoveries on a regular basis. The discoveries of which I speak are not of a new planet or cures for diseases, but the discovery of self.

What a thrill it is when someone has the courage to look at themselves deeper than their look beyond their intellect and their see who they are is not where they were born, or the level of money and privilege they may have had. To discover self , the true self, is to get to know one's spirit, which cannot be adequately described with words.

The discovery of self creates a feeling beyond anything one may have imagined. It is a joy that can exceed any previously experienced. The simplicity of the discovery is mind blowing. It is the route one takes to reach that point that can be confusing and challenging.

Imagine this.....the true self is always present, deep inside each of us. We may not have noticed it's presence, but the beautiful gift of who we are is eternal. As our true self exists without our awareness, we live our lives trying very hard to prove our worth and value. In this process of working to be our best, we sometimes lose hope of truly being happy. We become fearful that we may not learn the secret of lasting joy. We examine our lives and all of our accomplishments and think..."Is this it? Is this all there is to life?"

As we work hard at being who we think we should be, our true self is patiently waiting to be discovered so all mysteries can be solved. This beautiful discovery does not mean that one must make a drastic change in their relationships or work. It does not mean that they will no longer contribute to the world by sharing their gifts. It does mean, however, that which was once believed to be necessary to be happy, no longer has the same importance. It means that they no longer see themselves as separate, less than, or better than anyone else. They see the oneness of life and know they are a part of it.

This dramatic discovery of self can connect one to what is truly important. It can help one to live life with passion, purpose and love and without fear. This amazing discovery can suddenly make sense of why we're all here in the first place.

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