Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Season for Love?

Tis the season for good tidings and wishes for peace, love and joy.

I received a lovely Christmas card this week stating this was the season for love. I took a deep breath when I read it, but not because it warmed my heart. I felt kind of sad that this author believes love has a season. Now I know people do tend to show outward signs of love more this time of year than what they may normally do with gift giving, kissing under the mistletoe, giving to charities etc, but love does not have to be confined to the four weeks or so between Thanksgiving and New Years.

I'm not complaining that people tend to be more attentive to one another and show their appreciation with gifts and gift cards, but come on.....can't we extend the season? Can't we continue to soften our hearts to one another past January 1? Can't we be cheerful and outwardly kind to our co-workers after all the office parties are over and the decorations have been put away? Can't we feel joy when we hear music where the lyrics speak of miracles in the summer time? Can't we toast one another at special family dinners and set our tables with the good china in August? Can't we appreciate and celebrate the oneness of all and feel love as we share it all year round?

Well here's my response.....I hereby officially declare the season for love to extend to every day of the year. This does not mean you must give gifts every day....unless you want to. You need not send cards to those you love all year round.....unless you want to . This declaration simply would be a call for everyone to remember love does not have a season. It costs nothing and is painless to share or receive. Love is abundant and will never run low....there is enough love in the world for each of us to be filled with joy and happiness every moment we live.

As citizens of the world, I call you all to revolt and to love everyday. Give and receive love freely and watch what happens to our earth and all that inhabit it.

Would would be different in your life?

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