Thursday, December 25, 2008

Unconditional Joy

On this Christmas day many of us share joyful experiences in church, parties, special meals, gift giving, travel and basically spending time with those we love. The stage is set for joy. How could one not be joyful on this special day of celebration of the birth of Christ?

Although I have enjoyed very positive experiences for most Christmases, there are many whose life situations do not allow them to feel the joy of the season. On the contrary, there are many so ensconced in the difficulties they face like joblessness, financial debts, health issues, relationship problems, addictions, etc, suggesting they have joy on Christmas day might feel like a slap in the face. While living out their challenges day to day, their focus may simply be on surviving, putting joy on the shelf until they have a job again or money in their pocket, an absence of health problems or a healthy loving relationship.

It seems to be a great challenge for those in a state of overwhelm, to look within and feel the truth of peace, rather than put all of their energy into simply surviving the storm. When one is able to actually feel peaceful in spite of their current situation, they learn they are more powerful than what they believed. They have the ability to feel joy unconditionally.

The practice of simply quieting the mind can help each of us live in a state of unconditional joy. Feeling joy regularly can lighten your perspective and create hope where only desperation and hopelessness once lived. When that is true...anything is possible.

A challenge? Yes! Possible? Definitely! It can begin with your next thought.

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